At E-Whiz solution's we believe that every robust product is a result of innovative software development ideas and strong initial analysis. A strong market review says that almost 70% products fail in later stages due to lack in this initial product planning and market analysis. We offer our software development services for vendors who plan to enter the market with new ideas or vendors who plan to make their existing products better for new or existing markets.
Our team has long years of experience in the field of web development. We provide a variety of solutions for the web.

Custom Web Development

We help our clients grow their business by combining high-quality, affordable services with and top-notch customer service. We understand our clients need and deliver the best possible solution. Whatever the goal may be, we keep working for complete customer satisfaction.

Web Apps Development

What options you think would be fast & easy to search any kind of data today? Surely, the answer would be internet!!! Search anything and you are there; may not be the exact at a start but with further drill down you are sure to hit the right info you are looking for!! Same theory applies when other look for the details about you or your business.

GLOBAL, the other name for internet; has spread with a speed of light. Gone are the days when viewer has to invest number of days to reach or collect the right information or data. What you place on Internet today can be accessed from any part of the world.

Mix IT with your Idea; If you have the Idea we have Technology!! Every idea needs to be brought to life and showcased to the world at the right time. In essence – speed, quality and technical perfection are the key elements for the success of a business idea. To ensure one's recognition, online presence is not only required, but essential today! In fact, for one query, the viewer will be lambasted with a number of replies. In such a case, what sells is the website, look, function et al. This is where e-Whiz intervenes, to assure you the best and ensure that you have a powerful tool to showcase the best of your business to your client through WEBSITE and stay on top in comparison to others.

Our Offerings:
Combining our expertise in all spheres of website designing, we give you the best website solutions which cannot ignore. Through our creativity, we lure people to your website and ensure you regular viewers. Visual appeal and efficient function are the top priorities of our web solutions. Right from buying the domain name to hosting your website our team builds each layer of your website. There is zero compromise on the right technology, performance parameters and quality assurance.

Content Management System (CMS) & Search engine optimization (SEO)

In addition to design and development. we can provide excellent web content management system solution cms services that can support multiple information types like images, documents, digital contents, e-mail, records and help editors to correct, add or change the information quickly without the support of technical staffs to provide relevant content that suit your business best

Product Maintenance

Product maintenance service offerings in Software development include ability to take inputs from the customer support complaints and pressures from competitive environment enabling development for patch updates and planning for further big releases of a product. At E-Whiz solution's , we believe that every product starts loosing edge with rate of competitors mushrooming in the market in very short duration. A well planned offshore software development company must always take care of these factors and plan for further maintenance and next releases along with success of older releases.