Whiz - DOS

Whiz-DOS is one of a kind web-based solution for manufacturers and distributors. It is the result of our thorough research and our collaboration with domain experts. Whiz-DOS assist companies in streamlining their Quote & Order process. This results in accuracy in product pricing and shortened delivery time.

Benefits to your Distributor(s)

  • Product Configurator - Ability to configure product as per customer need.
  • A very impressive Quote/Order Dashboard with Summary.
  • Predefine your repeat customers for easy quote entry.
  • Ability to offer discounts on selected quotes.
  • Easy tracking and follow-up on all Quotes & Orders.
  • Paperless Ordering - No need to print and fax orders, simply submit them online.
  • Easy & professional Quote/Order printing manufacturer & dealer logo with dealer name and address.
  • Alerts & Notifications for users about quote follow-up.
  • Predefined user roles, makes it easy to manage user permissions.
  • One click Quote printing.
  • One click Quote to order conversion.
  • Pop-Up Alerts & Notifications for quote follow-up.

Feature List

  • Dashboard

    • Allows tracking of all Orders from various distributors.
    • Color coding of orders to mark new orders vs old orders.
    • Color coding to flag orders with a special distributor pricing.
    • Allows updating order status.
    • View & Print Order Details.
  • Items & Pricing

    • Define items/products and its various attributes.
    • Upload item/product image.
    • Define Unit of measures and conversions.
    • Define price lists.
    • Mass Update Price List.